brain vs artificial net and human brain power (was: confused)

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Tue Aug 6 23:56:58 EST 1991

There is, alas, quite a lot of noise in the brain.  See
	W. H. Calvin and C. F. Stevens (1968).  Synaptic noise and
	other sources of randomness in motoneuron interspike
	intervals.  Journal of Neurophysiology (July 1968).
And it has some considerable implications for parallel processing, as
reducing the timing jitter requires hitching a lot of more-or-less
identical circuits in parallel.  See
	W. H. Calvin (1983).  A stone's throw and its launch window: 
	timing precision and its implications for language and hominid
	brains.  Journal of Theoretical Biology 104:121-135.

	W. H. Calvin (1987).  The brain as a Darwin Machine.
	Nature 330:33-34.

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