Statistical models of memory

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Mon Aug 5 14:53:29 EST 1991

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>> Me, I found a few articles on mathematical models of memory (e.g., Estes,
>> 1986; Smith & Medin, 1981) and I'm implementing them in LISP.  
>I would be interested in reading a summary of the Estes model of

The Estes article is a comparative study of several well-known statistical
models of memory.  The article is comprehensive and defies a quick summary;
I'll quote verbatim from the abstract....

"A family of models for category learning is developed, all members being
based on a common memory array but differing in memory access and decision
processess.  Within this framework (these models) reveal isomorphism
between models of different types under some conditions but empirically
testable differences under others...."

Estes, W.K. (1986). Array models for category learning.  Cognitive Psychology,
  18, 500-549.

Note that these are statistical models, rather than symbolic or connectionist
models, each having their own strengths and weaknesses.  

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