visual attention/dynamic receptive fields questions

John Reynolds reynolds at
Sun Dec 15 21:47:48 EST 1991

I have five questions.  I hope they are not too naive -- I'm just
beginning to grapple with these areas.  I would appreciate any insight
you can provide.

-- Has anyone posited a mechanism which modulates spatial attention in
areas V4 and IT?

-- How does posterior parietal cortex interact with inferior temporal
cortex/V4 in modulating attention or influencing IT/V4 receptive

-- To what extent do receptive fields overlap in areas V1, V2, V3, V4,
and IT?  I'm guessing that there is very little overlap near the
sensory periphery but as you move up to IT there is a lot.

-- What is known about the mechanisms by which the limbic system
modulates of visual attention?

-- Is a cell's receptive field simply the union of the receptive
fields of all cells feeding into it from more peripheral areas?  I
realize that the notion of a receptive field can be very tricky
because of lateral and top-down influences, but barring these, is it
true that a cell is sensitive to all and only stimuli falling on the
receptive fields of cells feeding into it from the more peripheral

Insight into any of these questions or relevant references would be
deeply appreciated.

--John Reynolds

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