PET imaging of brain function during memorizing ?

A.R. McIntosh ifav444 at
Thu Dec 5 12:52:50 EST 1991

>It was probably news 'cuz no one else has shown hippocampal activation in
>a memory task.

I guess that depends on the definition of a memory task.  Activation
of the hippocampus in animals has been demonstrated in conditioning
paradigms prior to this work.  For example:

Gonzalez-Lima & Scheich, Brain Res, 1986, 363:239-256.
Gonzalez-Lima, Scheich & McIntosh, Soc Neurosci Abs, 1990, 16(2): 917.

Nevertheless, work presented at this year's Neuroscience conference
(by Squire's group) is probably the first to demonstrate activation of
the _human_ hippocampus in a memory task.  It's always nice to see the
animal and human models in neuroscience showing convergence.

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