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Udo Merkel merkel at
Thu Dec 5 11:23:20 EST 1991

It has been argued by Eccles (Proc.R.Soc.Lon.B227,411-428(1986)) 
that only those 50 or so vesicles embedded in a paracrystalline 
presynaptic vesicular grid constitute a bouton's firing zone.
(The remaining ones, ~10000 it is said, are loosely arranged in 
the interior of the bouton and do not participate in the trans-
mission process from one neuron to another, Akert et al 1972,1975;
Triller & Korn,1982.) 
Given this, how crystalline is the paracrystalline grid associated 
with a bouton? Does it have both Bose and Fermi-like excitations 
(allowing for quasiparticles via linear canonical transformations 
of the Hamiltonian)? Someone's done any `field theory' related
work along these lines? 
I know of J.D. Cowan's recent attempt at formulating a stochastic
neurodynamics, but it seems far too high-level to serve as a start-
ing point here (2-state and 3-state neurons, no vesicles, no grid). 
More recent references would be highly appreciated.

Udo Merkel
Institut fuer Informatik
Stuttgart Univ.
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