Announcing a Symposium on Nervous System Biology.

smith at smith at
Wed May 8 18:29:13 EST 1991

The New York Society of Electron Microscopists will hold its annual 
Presidential symposium this year on the 31st May, 1991, at NYU Medical Center,
550 First Ave, New York, 10016, begining at 9am.

The title is "Probing the Structure of the Nervous System".  Speakers are Bob 
Baker (NYU), Paul Bridgeman (Washington University), Dean Hillman (NYU), 
Dan Kirschner (Childrens Hospital of Boston), Carol Mason (Columbia University),
Ralph Nixon (McLean Hospital) and Dan Sanes (NYU).

|Ross Smith, Cell Biology,  NYU Medical Center,  550 First Ave.,  NYC, 10016|

[I am trying to limit distribution to the East Coast, I'd be interested to 
know if it succeeded :-].

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