Firing patterns in neostriatum

christopher i connolly connolly at
Thu Nov 7 15:00:08 EST 1991

(thanks to Tom Salt, who directed me to this group...finally got
access to it!)

I'm interested in finding data (i.e., references) on the firing
patterns of medium spiny cells in the striatum, especially of
primates.  While I'm here, though, I might as well ask a few
other questions:

1) Does anybody know of references describing the presence of
gap junctions in the striatum?

2) GABA seems to be doing something rather confusing in the
striatum, namely, some studies show that the ultimate effect of
GABA is to *depolarize* medium spiny cells.  Anybody have any
clues or references that explain why?

Thanks in advance for any information...
				-C. Connolly (connolly at

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