coherent thalamic neuron

Udo Merkel merkel at
Tue Oct 8 11:21:33 EST 1991

I heard that the 0th-recent thinking in thalamic neuron modeling 
is the thalamus as a neuronal oscillator,
	Steriade M, Deschenes M, Brain Res Rev 8,1-63(1984)
	Rose R M, Hindmarsh J L, Proc R Soc London Ser B 225,161-193(1985),
working as a pacemaker in inducing spatial/temporal coherence
in cortical networks
	Destexhe A, Babloyantz A, Neural Comp 3,145-154(1991).
Can the coherence (measured by the autocorrelation function)
be the result of the thalamic neurons being in a coherent state
(much as a classically oscillating current distribution radiates
a coherent state)?  Are there any neurophysiological hints
or references to support this view?

Udo Merkel
merkel at

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