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Dr Thomas Salt smgxt01 at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Apr 7 07:24:43 EST 1992

gt3228c at prism.gatech.EDU (gt3228c Edwin R. Yeh) writes:

>What is the repolarization time of a neuron in the brain?

>Repolarization time is defined here as the time 
>AFTER firing of the neuron and BEFORE the neuron is
>ready to fire AGAIN.

Strictly speaking, repolarisation time is the time it takes for the
membrane potential to return to rest from the peak of the depolarising
phase of the action potential.  This is generally less than 1ms in
normal neurones.  Following repolarisation, there is a period called
the refractory period during which it is impossible/difficult to evoke
subsequent action potentials.  The length of this period is very
variable from neuron type to neuron type and can be hundred of ms
long, or only a few tens...  'it depends'.

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