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Thu Dec 31 21:19:10 EST 1992

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> Haloperidol is a rather "old" dopamine blocker (=antagonist).
> As I understand it, it doesn't differentiate between D1 and D2
> receptors and in certain systems atleast, it has cross reactivity
> with serotonin. 
> The reason I'm asking? We recently did some experiments in which
> Haloperidol reduced a rather interesting neuophysiological process
> (maybe you'll read about it in Science?   :-)   Anyway, I would
> appreciate any info on Halperidol that the wizards on  
> care to share. 
> Thanks. (and Merry Christmas :-)
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Work at the University of Saskatchewan has suggested that survival of  
hypoxic neurons is compromised by Haloperidol. What was the process..?
	Andrew Penn
	University of Alberta

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