Gender differences in the brain

Clayton Gable CLAYTONG at VM1.UCA.EDU
Thu Feb 27 09:07:52 EST 1992

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Hello Fellow subscribers,

          I recently read an article in the popular press (Time, Jan. 20,
    1992) in which the authors mentioned differences between the
    brains of males and females.  My dissertation research is related
    to learning of a force production task.
           The manipulation had to do with various forms and/or schedules
    of feedback.  The data demonstrated some of the predicted
    results but one result that was somewhat unexpected was a
    Gender difference (p<.0001).
            This is puzzling to me but the article in Time offers
    at least some speculative ideas for explanations.  Could anyone
    provide a reference concerning the difference in the corpus
    collusum between males and females?
             Thanks in advance.
                                  Clayton Gable
                                  Department of Physical Therapy

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