help requested- epilepsy + religion

Tue Feb 25 18:14:00 EST 1992

Dear net-folks:

	I am currently working on my undergraduate senior thesis and would
like to solicit commentary and advice.  My topic is the neuropsychology of 
religious experience; I am mostly concentrating on temporal lobe epilepsy as 
a possible model for understanding the 'healthy' phenomena of religion.
Religion has been implicated in TLE in three ways:

	1) ictal events- ecstatic seizures or 'Dostoyevsky's epilepsy'
	2) interictal personality alteration- the 'hyperreligiosity' claimed 
to characterize the temporal lobe behavioral syndrome proposed by Bear, 
Geschwind et al.
	3) epileptic psychosis and attendant religious delusions

	Most of this, of course, is outside the realm of this newsgroup.
I do have some specific concerns that might be more relevant:
	I would love to hear from anyone working with animal models of 
epilepsy, psychosis, or both- especially data concerning neurochemical
correlates of kindling.  I am most familiar with the results indicating 
dopaminergic supersensitivity; I know much less about changes in GABA, which
has also been suggested to contribute to the epilepsy/psychosis link (assuming
there is one.)
	I would also appreciate any comments on Gloor's recent theories that
suggest a connectionist-style mechanism for experiental phenomena in complex
partial seizures, and ideas about how this mechanism could be expanded to
cover complicated but non-mnemonic ictal experiences.
	In addition, if anyone is familiar with the CNS and neuropsychological
effects of multiple sclerosis- is MS likely to affect limbic structures? 

	Please send responses of any sort (not limited to the topics above)
					Thank you,
					Tavis Allison

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