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CENSORED by SIGGRAPH: ( Xochi Speaks ) Psychedelic Educational Media

John Murray murray at sun13.scri.fsu.edu
Sat Jul 18 15:38:48 EST 1992

In article <BrHtKt.L9u at well.sf.ca.us> lordnose at well.sf.ca.us (Lord Nose!) writes:
>July 15, 1992
> [..followed by character assassination and cries of CENSORSHIP!!..]

Sigh, indeed. SIGGRAPH is a computer graphics conference. Now, computer
graphics has grown to include many diverse things that aren't just drawing
polygons, such as virtual reality, interactive technology and the like,
but I can't accept stretching the definition to include pharmacology and

Quoting from the SIGGRAPH '92 Call For Participation, "Guerilla Technology,
or G-tech for short, shows off the newest "uncooked" developments in
interactive computer graphics ideas, works in progress, and research."
Expanding on your own quote from the Advanced Program, "G-tech goes beyond the
limits. It shows off the newest and latest work in interactive computer
graphics and expands on SIGGRAPH's special demonstrations, hypermedia exhibits,
and virtual reality encounters." In your project description, you made passing
reference to an "interactive slide show", but it is obvious to me that the
primary thrust of your presentation is elsewhere. If there is any way that
the method with which the interactivity is achieved might be considered
interesting, then you might belong in G-tech. But in that case, why didn't
you mention it?

Trying to force your way into a privately funded scientific conference on the
basis of first amendment rights is ludicrous, at best. Mondo 2000 does not
select SIGGRAPH presenters, nor would I want them to.

In short, you're making yourselves, and by association, anyone else who
advocates distribution of honest, factual information regarding legal and
illegal pharmaceuticals, look stupid. Thanks a lot. Now go away and stop
trying to help, please.

Disclaimer: Acting independently of any group or organization.
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