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CENSORED by SIGGRAPH: ( Xochi Speaks ) Psychedelic Educational Media

N020BA at tamvm1.tamu.edu N020BA at tamvm1.tamu.edu
Sat Jul 18 11:44:06 EST 1992

In article <BrHtKt.L9u at well.sf.ca.us>
lordnose at well.sf.ca.us (Lord Nose!) writes:
>July 15, 1992
>Greetings! This posting is re: the Association of Computing Machinery's
>SIGGRAPH '92 computer graphics conference, to be held this month in
>Chicago, and the decidedly poor experiences we have had with some of the
>conference planners, particularly the Chair of the G-TECH committee,
>Branko J. Gerovac (casting a shadow on his affiliations, the MIT Media
>Laboratory and Digital Equipment Corporation, for his obvious lack of
>professionaism).                                  |
      I'm a staunch adovocate of free speech, but personal attacks in a
in public forum do not advance the cause of free expression.
>Medicinal chemists Drs. David E. Nichols and Robert C. Pfaff, at Purdue
>University, created the twelve energy-minimized, space-filling molecular
>models. Interestingly, these molecular renderings had never been seen
>together before inclusion in this project.
>XOCHI SPEAKS was CENSORED on the basis of its CONTENT and not its form.
>On three separate occasions, we were told by different SIGGRAPH
>representatives that the conference motto was "WE INVITE CONTROVERSY".
        Ditto from previous quote
>Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin, famed pharmacologist/chemist, said: "This
>society has made self-exploration against the law." LordNose! cannot and
>will not stand by silently, as OUR first amendment rights are trampled
>by troglodytes feeding at the trough of the military industrial complex.
>The LordNose! presentation was centered on an interactive slide show,
>the 24" by 36" XOCHI SPEAKS print itself, and the distribution of free
         I believe that there are low-cost or free programs for making a
a digital slide show on personal computers. How about putting your slide show
in a format such that people with computers could view it? That would enable
people to see what you have to say. Find an FTP site for it, and tell the
world. Most netters are believers in free expression, and would help you.
Provided, of course that you refrain from personal attacks and ethnic slurs
(explained later). Do what I suggest, and I will give you a fair hearing.
>. . . Editing . . .
>These are most unfortunate times when the arts in America come under
>fire from myopic, mean-spirited, closed-minded, fear-driven, avaricious
>white men.
     Ethnic slurs will get you NOWHERE. If you want me to listen, stop the
personal attacks, leftist code words, and racial slams. I will judge your
work on its scientific and artistic content, not its political correctness.
     To illustrate, there's a good movie called JFK by Oliver Stone. It is an
excellent picture, compelling and executed with excellent cinematography. But
Stone almost ruined it at the end with hackneyed Marxist rhetoric.
     This is what is happening to you. Chill with politically correct stuff.
Show we what you have, and let the work stand by itself.
     Note: The message I replied to was quite long, and I had to delete much.
Please read the original for reasons of fairness.

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