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CENSORED by SIGGRAPH: ( Xochi Speaks ) Psychedelic Educational Media

Fred Homan fred at polaris.async.vt.edu
Fri Jul 17 14:05:39 EST 1992

In article <BrHtKt.L9u at well.sf.ca.us> lordnose at well.sf.ca.us (Lord Nose!) writes:
>G-tech goes beyond the limits? It sure did. Right into the CENSORSHIP of 
>information... LordNose! submitted a multimedia G-TECH proposal, 
>XOCHI SPEAKS, a unique and important educational tool. Noted 

>Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin, famed pharmacologist/chemist, said: "This 
>society has made self-exploration against the law." LordNose! cannot and 
>will not stand by silently, as OUR first amendment rights are trampled 
>by troglodytes feeding at the trough of the military industrial complex.

	While i would not feel qualified to speak on the validity of your
complaint, I would point out that your First Amendment rights can *ONLY* be
violated by the government.  A private (or non-government) group can not
violate them.  I would also point out that by using rhetoric that comes from
the time when I was a baby that you're not likely to influence anyone outside
of the particular group you are from.  As for censorship, that's a difficult
definition in this instance.  You are certainly able to get the information
out in other ways.

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