modeling of neurons

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Mon Mar 16 11:23:20 EST 1992

Actually you may well be asking too much -- I've never seen a text that 
goes into that much detail as well as scope.  But if you're willing to pop
for _several_ books ...

Here's what I can think of off the top of my head:

*Koch, C., Segev, I.  Methods in Neuronal Modeling. MIT press, 1990 or so.
Good intro though not incredibly detailed, has lots of goos refs though.

*Jack, Noble, Tsien.  Electrical Models of Excitable Cells.  Cambridge press
I think, maybe Oxford.  
Serious math & very detailed, but lacks the biological aspects you might want.
Heavy on channel & membrane dynamics, cable theory and the like.  Pretty 

*Tuckwell. Intro to Theoretical Neurobiology.  MIT press, 1990 or so.  Pretty
good too.  Not quite the mathematical detail of J N & T, but not far off, and
goes into a bit more of the bio.  

I think you'll have difficulty finding a book that covers all of your interests,
but let me know if you do because they're my interests too.  Realistically I'd
go for a couple of the ones above, some recent refs, and some more biologically
oriented texts for the _real_ biology.  Neural modeling is pretty sexy these 
days so there's a ton of stuff out there, but lots of it is by people jumping
on the bandwagon.

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