Brain Sag (was: Cerebro-spinal fluid in semen?)

P C Knox pck at
Tue Oct 20 03:39:38 EST 1992

>I have had the unfortunate experiance of needing to have some of my spinal
>fluid removed for testing. They use a somewhat large needle for this (not
>painful though) and in many cases, including mine, the hole left by the 
>puncture continues to leak for a while. This leakage is often great enough
>that the brain does "sag" under its now unsupported weight (at least according
>to the explaination the Drs. gave me. Let me tell you that this does not cause
>any relaxation leading to sleep. In my case it let to the worst headache I hope
>to ever have coupled with 30 hours of uncontrolled vomitting. It was horrible.
>If those sensations resulted from sex then there would be no people.

>David		doshay at

This all sounds strange if plausible. I wonder if there are some
clinicians on the net who would like to comment? Are the volumes of CSF
removed not a very small proportion of the total? Are these symptoms
common? Is there a magic threshold for producing such symptoms?

Thanks in anticipation....

Paul Knox

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