Memory Loss

cdhanson at cdhanson at
Fri Sep 11 16:18:20 EST 1992


    Since I have a very limited knowledge of the chemical processes involed 
in the working of the brain.  I was wondering if anyone out there could tell
me if extreme cold and/or an electric shock can cause memory loss.  I doing 
the research for a novel I am writing and thought I would post here to get
some opinion from you experts out there.  If this is possible a brief 
explanation of how it might happen would be what I am looking for. 
Even a yes or no answer would be alright, at least I would know then that I
am not beating a dead horse.

Clint Hanson
"Back Off Man! That's my opinion."

Since it might take a while before I can post again, thanks in advance those
who posted...

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