Questions About Dreams?

Dag Stenberg stenberg at klaava.Helsinki.FI
Thu Sep 17 14:29:31 EST 1992

sajid at (Sajid Zia) writes:
: Sometime I see in dreams that I am doing some  work  at  home  or
: watching  T.V  or something, My friend is supposed to call me (in
: the dream), after sometime  phone rings, so I go to pick  up  the
: phone  and  suddenly  wake  up  finding that that phone is really
: ringing. It can not be the  coincidence  because  similar  things
: have  happend  many  times.  So  how it happens? Is it that brain
: cooks up a story after hearing the  phone  ring  while  in  sleep
: state?
This is the accepted view: the brain incorporates external stimuli into
the ongoing dream ~ "cooks up a story". Allan Rechtschaffen wrote a
good article about this years back, but I do not have the reference

Dag Stenberg, Dept.Physiology, Univ. Helsinki. Finland

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