Significance of string of histidines in membrane protein?

James L. Olds olds at
Wed Sep 9 12:53:34 EST 1992

In article <199209091650.AA00792 at SUNNY.SYSTEMSX.CS.YALE.EDU> zador-anthony at CS.YALE.EDU (Tony Zador) writes:
>A newly cloned K channel w/>70% homology to other K channels has a
>string of ~10 histidines on the cytoplasmic side, and elsewhere a
>string of 6 again on the cytoplasmic side. 
>Can anyone suggest any significance to this sequence? What proteins
>other than histones have a similar arrangement?
>Tony Zador

Tony....What is the evidence that the protein is indeed a K+
channel other than the homology data? Has it been expressed in
some sort of system? Secondly, I think you might want to talk
to fellow Woods Hole-er Richard Kramer at Columbia...who
did some interesting experiments this summer that in my vague
recollection may be of interest.

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