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Tue Sep 8 22:30:38 EST 1992

            FUNCTIONAL NEUROIMAGING: Looking at the Mind
                An International Symposium sponsored by
           the Massachusetts Biomedical Research Corporation
             the National Foundation for Brain Research and
      the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiology

Back Bay Hilton, Boston, MA.  Nov. 5 & 6, 1992

Functional neuroimaging is the application of instruments to view the 
changes in physiological state which accompany the work of the brain. It is 
also a window into a deeper understanding of the interaction of the mind 
and the organism which supports it. By assembling together leaders in the 
development of that understanding, the symposium, _Functional Neuroimaging: 
Looking at the Mind_ will provide a forum for considering whether the 
boundaries of physiology and consciousness are impenetrable, or if with the 
tools of functional neuroimaging we are approaching a watershed of 

Topics include:

___Instrumentation for Functional Neuroimaging___
What limits do the tools available to us impose, both on a technological
level and in terms of our filtered perceptions?

___The Brain in Health and Disease___ 
Mapping brain disease based on functional abnormalities through
functional neuroimaging

___Human Sensation and Motor Control___
Characterizing the response of the brain to sensation, and tracing the
activity backwards to look at the physiological states which presage our
movements and our speech.

___Imaging of Cognitive Function___
We can now begin to explore the physiological correlates of sophisticated
behaviors, from music and math to the background processes which give
answers seemingly from nowhere.  Do we handle the components of a complex
task in serial, or parallel?

The attendance fee of $200 includes all meals, a reception, and a tour of
the MGH-NMR center.  Attendance will be strictly limited and handled on a
first come, first served basis.


For a detailed program of the conference, either check the posting in
news.announce.conferences, send email to lcl at, or simply reply to
this posting with "NMR PROGRAM REQUEST" in the subject line.  For other
inquiries, please contact:

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