Administrative Position at NIH

Tue Aug 10 08:27:13 EST 1993

For some one ready to leave the lab, I have an administrative position
available as Director of the Neurosciences Program in the Neurosciences and
Behavioral Research Branch at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and
Alcoholism, NIH.  The Director is primarily responsible for program
development, administration of a portfolio of grants, and dissemination of
scientific information.  A successful applicant would have experience in some
area of the neurosciences along with a general broad knowledge of the field.
If you have an interest in this position, I will be glad to FAX you a copy of
the vacancy announcement that provides more details about the position and the
procedure for application.  Applicants must be US citizens.

                                       Walter A. Hunt, Ph.D.
                                       Chief, Neurosciences and
                                         Behavioral Research Branch

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