Is uploading feasible?

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Thu Dec 2 14:06:36 EST 1993

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>: Actually, it's the olfactory receptors, which feed into the
>: olfactory bulbs.  Also the granule cells in the Dentate gyrus
>: grow throughout life as do those in the cerebellum (I think).
>Is this GROW?  All neurons do that.  Or is it REPRODUCE? a very limited
>event in cells that carry action potentials.
New cells are born and function as normal neurons.  I don't know
if the granule cells in the dentate gyrus have action potentials,
they probably do.  Those in the olfactory bulb do not.  I believe
the granule cells in the cerebellum do have action potentials.  In
any case, not all functioning neurons act through this mechanism.

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