Is uploading feasible?

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Thu Dec 2 12:32:56 EST 1993

pete at (Peter Alexander Merel) writes:
"Pattern of memories, pattern of brain, what's the difference?

see below.

">i maintain that *i* am defined by the physical organization and
">functioning of my neurons.  the chemical processes that give rise to
">my thoughts, memories, and consciousness are a consequence of that.
">uploading could create a copy of the *logical* organization and
">function, but it's still only a copy, and you've left the original
">me behind.
"You're implying that there are processes at work in human consciousness 
"that are computationally infeasible to implement with other hardware than 
"standard human neurons. I guess the problem here comes down to this: 
"Is it feasible to simulate a human neuron as a finite state automaton,
"or are there some sorts of analog/quantum processes at work in a neuron's 
"metabolism that cannot be effectively implemented in a digital machine?

not at all.  i just maintain that my hardware is an essential part of
my identity/existence.  i'm sure the computer net would have a similar
meaning to my upload.
you can't make a duplicate be the original, even if it's identical.  

i don't see any *logical* reason why the brain couldn't be modelled
[either above or below the neuronal level], even to the point where a
*particular* brain could be modelled, complete with personality.
it's still not the original.

look, if you have 2 copies, you don't have 1 copy.  they're both
valid, and i'll stick with my present copy.

"                                            I think most uploading
"adherents envision a gradual transformation from flesh to cybernetics,
"smoothly augmenting and enlarging the original person until it feels
"comfortable that its experience in its new medium is commensurable with
"its experience in the old.  You should be able to judge for yourself before 
"you leave flesh behind.

augmentation's different.  i wouldn't mind trying a few new
peripherals on the old cpu...
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