Is uploading feasible?

Peter Alexander Merel pete at
Tue Dec 7 15:35:58 EST 1993

adh at rambla.Sun.COM (Sandwich Maker) writes:
>"Ah, but then where will your 'identity' reside? In the whole system, or just
>"in the 'original' parts? If it is in the whole system, then would you be 
>"satisfied with the slow neuron-by-neuron replacement scheme envisaged by,
>"among others, the original poster?

>my identity would not include new peripherals any more than it does my
>hand, which cannot think.

It's not quite so clear-cut, methinks. If your hand doesn't think, then
how about the nerves that relay the brain's signals to and from that hand?
The nerves in the motor centres of your brain that sense and control your
hand? If your hand isn't part of your identity, then can you tell me, "this 
neuron here, that's part of me, but this other neuron over here, that it's 
hooked up to, isn't."? Where do you draw the line?

Isn't your identity simply an abstraction you use, like your morality, you
political persuasion, or any other? If so, won't your identity be preserved 
if we preserve the behaviour in your neurons and their interconnections in 
some other medium than flesh?

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