Is uploading feasible?

Michael Young Ko vincie at
Fri Dec 10 01:59:27 EST 1993

Peter Alexander Merel (pete at wrote:
: adh at rambla.Sun.COM (Sandwich Maker) writes:
: >"Ah, but then where will your 'identity' reside? In the whole system, or just
: >"in the 'original' parts? If it is in the whole system, then would you be 
: >"satisfied with the slow neuron-by-neuron replacement scheme envisaged by,
: >"among others, the original poster?

: >my identity would not include new peripherals any more than it does my
: >hand, which cannot think.

: It's not quite so clear-cut, methinks. If your hand doesn't think, then
: how about the nerves that relay the brain's signals to and from that hand?
: The nerves in the motor centres of your brain that sense and control your
: hand? If your hand isn't part of your identity, then can you tell me, "this 
: neuron here, that's part of me, but this other neuron over here, that it's 
: hooked up to, isn't."? Where do you draw the line?

Well, obvious someone's identity, drastically,  does not suffer if a limb
must be amputated(sp?). I believe that your identity is a product of the
connections of the neurons in your brain. I guess if you transfers the exact
pattern on the neurons somewhere else then the identity would be saved.
I guess the big problem is will consciousness be continued?

Any theories?

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