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>>>I think this was first shown by Shepherdson.  If you mean
>>>nondeterministic is some unspecified sense, then your assertion is too
>>>vague to refute, but you ought to offer something more than IMO.
>>>Like, say, IMHO?

Why should I be humble about it? I've already admitted that it's an opinion
which means I'm working on the the theory. My central example of non-
deterministic behaviour is choice. An FSA cannot handle choice, not because
it is finite, but because it's deterministic. The general idea is that there
is a class of system of which the brain is an example which we don't
have the theory for. "Chaos" theory won't do but has the right flavour in
that it deals with non-linear behaviour.
>>BTW: perhaps you could help (I am just being made redundant)?
>>I'm a UK resident seeking an opportunity offering intellectual challenge.
>>My 17 year career in the IT profession spans neural network research,
>>Grateful for any leads, have a merry christmas!
>Hi.  Nice to meet you "in person".  And sorry to hear about employment

Thanks: I'll find something but will probably be off the net for a while
(don't all cheer at once, you guys!)
>No I don't know of any good opportunities, especially in GB.  I have
>the impression that things have been getting worse for a long time.
>It makes me morose to think that the world these days is so
>unimaginative that it is hard to find exciting projects and
>laboratories for someone with your talents -- considering that the
>next century will probably be centered on such matters.  Let's hold
>our breath and hope that this ridiculous recession goes away soon.

Yes: it is a shame that those with wealth have little or no interest in
funding research (or anything else) unless they can see a good dollar
return, perhaps we should teach philanthropy in school. 
>Did you overlap at Brunel when that colorful cyberneticist Gordon Pask
>was "teaching" there.  We were good friends and I always loved his
>optimism, imagination, and showmanship -- although I couldn't usually
>make much sense of his theories.  On the occasions that I did, I think
>that he had actually seen quite far ahead.

I went to a lecture of his once: great fellow, an impressive eccentric:
I don't think anyone understands him.


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