Mark Bower's post about callosum and lateralized processes

Steven Roy Daviss sdaviss at COSY.AB.UMD.EDU
Thu Dec 16 10:41:20 EST 1993

I don't know what other clinician's experiences have been, but I have
noticed an interesting relationship between religious delusions of thought
control in people who have schizophrenia (not sure about psychotic
depression), and the patient's report about lateralization.

I can think of maybe 10 or 12 patients who have clearly expressed the idea
that they have God and the Devil within them, and that God is on one side
(or controls one side) and the Devil is on the other.  In *every* case, I
have found that they report God as being on the RIGHT side and the Devil
as being on the LEFT.  

I don't know what to make of it, but it certainly lends credit to the
notion of left being 'sinister'.


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