Is uploading feasible?

Richard Wilson WilsonR at
Fri Dec 17 10:54:12 EST 1993

In article <2epn69$r4v at> erwin at (Harry Erwin) writes:
>Choice is a bit more complex than just non-determinism. There are actually

Sure but does this mean that you agree it is non-deterministic?

>three behavioral options open during most choice processes: go right, go
>left, and dither (collect information). In games against nature, this
>system generally has a stable strategy consisting of of two regions where
>one or the other choice is correct and an intermediate region where the
>collection of additional information is better. Dynamic programming is the
>applicable field. In games against an intelligent opponent, things become
>chaotic (in the theoretical sense). I have two or three papers that
>address this, if you want them, but your comment above has led to a flash
>of insight. I think I see a way of combining that earlier work with more
>recent work on controlling chaos in the vicinity of hyperbolic points and
>with work I've been doing on mass action models (Freeman Nets) to define a
>'choosing network'.

Glad to be of service. What you say is of interest but seems to me to avoid
or omit the act of choice. Yes there are several options and game and chaos
theory are relevant to decision making but how does dynamic programming
implement the act of choice?


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