Decussated CNS?

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Wed Feb 24 21:45:48 EST 1993

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>>I have a question:
>>What is the origin of the decussated (I think I am spelling this correctly...
>>"crossed", in other words) central nervous system?
>>I have never heard a good explanation for this.
>>Also, how far down the evolutionary tree does this occur?  All vertebrates?
>>Thank you,
>>J. Rexer
>this one.
Actually in his autobiography (Recollections of My Life - pp.
470-475), Ramon y Cajal discusses what he feels are the reasons for
the crossed nervous system. I will refer you to this book and his
original articles on the subject rather than trying to explain it here
and screwing it up.  As I recall there were many papers that followed
from this theory so you should be able to find more on it.

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