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Fri Feb 19 20:36:33 EST 1993

sundsted at (Todd Sundsted) writes:

>I'm trying to locate any recent work Donald H. Perkel may have done
>on spike trains and their analysis.  He published several papers on their
>characteristics when treated as point processes, but the latest work I
>have been able to locate is from the early 70's.
>	Does anyone know what he doing, or whether or not he has moved on
>to different areas of research?  I have really only scanned the biological
>liturature so I would have missed him if his current work is in mathematics
>(for example).
>	Anyway, I would appreciate any information anyone would have
>concerning his work (or current research on spike train analysis, or the
>characteristics of non-stationary point processes, or anything related to
>				Thanks,
>				Todd Sundsted

Don Perkel died in the 1980s.  For an example of current work on spike
train analysis, see the Softky and Koch paper in NEURAL COMPUTATION last year.
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