SNNS simulator

Omezee-SaMe Still osm8502 at
Thu Jan 21 23:15:00 EST 1993

In article <1993Jan21.222717.28571 at>, mitchm at (Mitchell Maltenfort) writes...
>In article <1993Jan21.160658.18051 at> Shiv Kaul writes:
>>I have obtained the SNNS (Stuttgart Neural Net Simulator) from 
>>Stuttgart University via anon ftp and compiled it on an IBM RS6000
>>workstation.  The last bit of installation fails with the complaint that
>>the 'xgui' file (the one that starts the system!) cannot be found.

Please let me know where and how I can obtain the SNNS. 

Omez S Mesina
osm8502 at
TeXas A&M University.

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