Trasnformation Spike Train Data into Continuous Waveform

Todd Sundsted sundsted at
Fri May 21 19:58:21 EST 1993

I am looking for information on techniques for trasnforming the information
contained in a spike train into a continuous waveform, for easier
analysis.  The only technique I have come across in the literature is
that of determining the mean firing rate of a neuron, which makes
the assumption that information is _only_ contained in the mean firing
rate, and totally obscures any information which might be contained in
the details of the temporal structure.
	I really not interested in research towards determining whether
or not there _is_ information contained in the sequence, but rather I
am looking for a method of transforming a spike train into a continuous
waveform without losing any information which might be present (the
original spike train _could_ be reconstructed if I desired).
	Thanks for your help...

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