chaotic dynamics

Alain Destexhe alain at HELMHOLTZ.SDSC.EDU
Fri May 7 13:14:33 EST 1993

>I'm a postgrad investigating the area of Chaos and especially
>the implications/infuences Chaos has had (or is having) on the
>following research areas:
>   1.  Chaos in brain function
>   2.  Chaos in neural networks (or AI in general)
>   3.  Chaos in multiple-agent (not necessarily human)
>       intelligent behaviour (eg. hive intelligence).
>Any info in this regard (i.e. current research, journal articles etc.)
>will be gratefully accepted.

I have a list of some 80 references on chaotic dynamics relative to
neurobiology and neural networks.  These references come from my 
PhD thesis, and they cover the litterature up to March 1992.
If you are interested in obtaining this list of references, please
contact me.

We have also worked since 1985 on the analysis of the occurrence of chaos
in human EEG signals using nonlinear dynamics techniques.  We have proposed
a network model of the thalamo-cortical system which accounts for these
nonlinear properties of EEG during synchronized states, such as delta waves 
(sleep stage IV).

If you would like to have more information, a copy of the list of references
or reprints, please contact me directly at:  

  alain at  

and NOT via the neurosci list!

Thanks very much

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