ALS and 60 min

Sun May 9 18:44:19 EST 1993

Did anyone see the show? Last Sunday (Mother's Day) 60 minutes portrayed
the FDA, doctors, and and scientists as generally uncaring people.

The segement featured mainly a man with ALS and his lack of desire to
receive the placebo. His basic arguement was that he was going to die
so why should he be protected from death by a trial.

The answer seems obvious, however 60 min. did not present any REAL
facts about ALS and the treatment - from REGENERON and I cannot recall the name
something like cnfs. NO FACTS. The story left one with many incomplete notions
about ALS and how a trial is conducted.

It seems to me that a trial is needed. If none occurs, especially due to als'
unpredicatble time domain, we will never know how well this suposed treatment
really works.

Comments? additional thoughts?

Nathan E. Tableman

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