RFI: Nerve Cuff Recording / FES

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Thu May 20 15:40:02 EST 1993


I have a couple of papers on using nerve cuff recording electrodes to obtain
feed-back signals for possible use in closed loop control of FES (Hoffer &
Sinkjaer, 1986; Hoffer et al, 1989). Can anyone point me other work of this
nature ?

Thank you.



JA Hoffer, T Sinkjaer. "A Natural 'Force Sensor' Suitable for Closed-Loop
Control of Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation", Proc. 2nd Vienna Int.
Workshop on Functional Elektrostimulation, Vienna Austria, Sept 21-24 1986.
p 47-50.

JA Hoffer, M Haugland, T Li. "Obtaining Skin Contact Force from Implanted
Nerve Cuff Recording Electrodes", IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Soc. 11th Annu. Int.
Conf., 1989. p 928-929.

PS: I'm also gona be tackling this one on medline as well. I'm not trying to
review the field, just get some more work to compare / contrast mine to. If
there's interest, I'll post a summary of responses.

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