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>There is at least one very well established example, a hallucinogenic
>designer drug called MPTP that turned out to cause Parkinsonian
>symptoms, such as tremor, slowness of movement, or even paralysis.  It
>causes these things by destroying neurons in a part of the brain
>called the substantia nigra, which is the same part damaged in
>Parkinson's disease.  In fact, MPTP is now being used in an animal
>model for Parkinson's disease.

It wasn't a hallucinogenic designer drug, it was a botched attempt
at producing a meperidine analogue (i.e., a synthetic opioid), but
one of the unwanted by-products of the synthesis was MPTP, which
is metabolized to a paraquat-like substance which damages dopaminergic
neurons in the substantia nigra.

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