In search of Columbia U. (?) psychometric study

Kevin Michael Bowers kmbowers at toyou.Princeton.EDU
Fri Nov 19 21:37:33 EST 1993

Hi - 

About a half year ago I saw a show (I believe it was NOVA) that had an excerpt
about a psycho-metric study done of where a "movie" was made of rapid  
brain scans (MRI or CAT? Not sure). One of the more interesting findings was  
that a clinically depressed patient showed signs of clinical normalcy during  
the period of time that he was reminded of a happy moment in his life.

I believe that this was done at Columbia University, but I am not sure of it.
Does anyone know anything about this study (School, Researcher Names etc.) or 
about any similar studies?

I have made the acquaintance Dr. George Pransky co-founder of the 
"Psychology of Mind" school of thought (Pransky Associates in LaConner Wa.). He  
is currently working on a book detailing his approach and developing a Ph.D  
program and indicated to me that he would be very interested in finding out  
more about the details of the study that I just related to y'all and/or  
developing a professional relationship/correspondence with parties involved  
with these type of studies..

please send all email to falley at (as I am temporarily 
using a friend's account today!).

Thanks in advance for any info, time, effort or consideration on your part.
Andreas Falley

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