how to tell if person is asleep from skin potentials?

La Monte Yarroll piggy at
Mon Sep 27 03:15:02 EST 1993

mlevin at (Michael Levin) writes:

>     Is it possible, from electric potentials recorded from the
>surface of the skin, to determine whether the person being measured is
>drowsy/asleep? If so, does this have to be done from the scalp, or can
>it be done from the fingers of the hand (like in biofeedback)? If it
>can, how expensive is it to get a piece of electrical equipment which
>can do this? Are conductive creams required between electrodes & skin,
>or can the electronics amplify signals gotten from dry contacts? If
>anyone has any info, or any references, please email to
>mlevin at 

>Mike Levin

Steve Ciarcia's magazine Circuit Cellar Ink., sells a nice EEG kit
fairly cheaply (~US$50).  This should provide exactly the sort
information you are looking for.  I'm sorry, I don't have address
information.  I think their offices are in New England (or somewhere
on one of the US coasts.)
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