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Thu Sep 30 14:17:35 EST 1993

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> Is there (out there in Netland) a list of ALL the COMPLETE protein
> sequences for the subunits of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor?  I know
> I can access GenBank, PIR, and SwissProt but I'm lazy and don't want to
> sift through all the fragmentary files and translate DNA sequences
> (although I have begun this process).  In addition, there are subunits
> whose sequences have been published yet have not been deposited into any
> database (e.g. chicken alpha8).
> Ideally, the files would be accessible to GCG programs for editing and
> manipulation after ftp (Do I want it all or what?).

Dear Duke,

I think the easiest thing for you to do is to contact
net-info at

they can either do the search for you :-) or they can give you info about
the Nentrez program.

This is available by anonymous FTP at ( and is
an internet version of the CD-rom databases. I tried saving you a list of
articles from one of these searches but it started to save the sequences
(DNA and PROT) so I aborted when it got to 750K.!!!!

Contact them, and do a search!!!

Excellent software, still bugs/things that could be better though.

Martin Leach

If you want more details e-mail me: leach at
or get the NCBI newsletter volume 2 issue 2 (from info at

good luck.

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