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Here's a bit of an interesting story related by a friend of mine subsequent to
her trip to the dentist.  It seems the dentist went a little overboard when
freezing her mouth.  She felt sharp pain when the needle was given and after 
the dental work (a filing) was completed, it took an exceptionally long time 
for her to recover from the anaesthesia.  In fact three weeks later she is still
feeling some effects.  This can't be due to the anaesthetic (but then again with
the symptons being so wierd, who knows?).
     Her dentist mentioned (he has been calling her regularly to check on her) 
the trigeminal nerve but from the symptons she related to me it seemed like 
everything but the trigeminal.  She told me it took her a number of days to 
regain the proper use of her tongue (hypoglossal nerve XII) slurring her speech.
Her taste was also greatly impaired.  She lined it to burning your tongue anand 
not being able to experience taste (facial nerve VII and glossopharyngeal nerve 
IX).  I should have asked where specifically on the tongue the problem was and 
whether it was on one or both sides.  She seemed to indicate it was the entire
tongue.  After three weeks she has recovered 40% of her taste (her own estimate)
She also experienced a lack of feeling in her throat/pharynx (vagus nerve X).
     The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that these nerves 
have in common is the solitary nucleus but that is a long ways away f the
mandible injection site.  It leaves me with lots of questions.  Can anyone 
explain this or point me towards some references?  Has anyone heard of this 
type of nerve damage (if it is nerve damage) from a dentist's injection?  
Do these nerves regenerate if damaged?  I'm not sure if any are myelinated or 

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Madison
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