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>>I need tips on doing immunohistochemistry on sections of fragile tissues
>>like embryonic brain.
>>e.mail replys welcome.
>>Thanks for your time.
>>neeraj jain
>>JAINN at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu
>1. Immersion fix; wash; equilibrate in 30% sucrose
>2. Embed in tissue Tek; freeze; cut 10 micron cryostat sections
>3. Post-fix section after drying on slide if your antibody will put up with it.
>4. Be real gentle when changing solutions

>Any other questions feel free to email.

>Rae Nishi
>Oregon Health Sciences University
>Portland OR

I've been doing IHC on embryonic pig brains and use a technique similar
to this one described.  I usually fix 24 hours in 4% Pf.  Dry overnight
at 35oC if the antigenicity will hold.

Paul L. Pearson

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