Molecular Biologist seeking a postdoc position

Avi Freedman avi at
Tue Aug 2 09:55:11 EST 1994

This post is for a friend: 

 I have recently submitted my thesis. During my study I have dissected
positive and negative regulatory elements in the 3 non-coding region of a
human gene (uPA).
 For that I have used cell tissue culture and techniques of molecular
biology: cloning, construction and manipulation of DNA constructs,
transfection of of DNA into cells, PCR, Southern and Northern
hybridization and RNase protection. I am also familiar with method of
enzymology, protein purification, affinity chromatogra phy and HPLC, which
I used during my M.Sc study. 
 I am looking for a post-doc position in one of the following fields:
regulation of gene expression, signal transduction pathways and molecular
research in neurobiology. 
 Interested persons are requested to contact:
Yoel Smicun, Department of Biocemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, ISRAEL.
e-mail: bcsmicun at
Ph: 972-8-342733, -343205
Fax: 972-8-344118
Curriculum vitae and a list of referees will be mailed to the interested

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