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Tyler Lorig lorigt at liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Tue Aug 2 18:23:36 EST 1994

Kevin Spencer (kspencer at iti.org) wrote:
: sjacobs at maroon.tc.umn.edu (Steve Jacobson) writes:

: >I am building an EEG machine and intend to digitize the amplified analog signals for input into a 
: >computer.  I am considering using a 16 bit A/D for each channel.  The question I have is: Is a 16 
: >bit A/D overkill?  Is 12 bits sufficient.  What kind of voltage range am I liable to encounter on 
: >the EEG electrodes?  I intend to use isolation devices between the front-end 
: >processor and the main computer.

: >Any advice would be appreciated.

: 12 bits is plenty for good amplitude resolution.  I'd say the voltage
: range of raw scalp-recorded EEG would be +/- 1000 uV.  (Just a guess,
: since I study ERPs and seldom look at unfiltered single trials of EEG.)

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