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Sat Aug 6 21:26:36 EST 1994

vage> From: vgupta at
vage> Date: 1 Aug 94 13:54:42 -0500

vage> Is there any research on Melatonins affect on mood? I suffer
vage> from SAD  [seasonal affective disorder] and would like to
vage> know whether  neuroscince has pinned down any definative
vage> explanation of winter  depression.

May I suggest getting in touch with Dr Drew Dawson at Adelaide
University, or Dr Leon Lack at Flinder's [both in South
Australia]. Both have done work in this field, and both Leon's
and Drew's work in entraining methods have been fruitful in
treating SAD.

I'm sorry I don't have an internet address for either, but they
would be a good place to start in any citation /abstract search.

Terry Smith
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