Skatchard Analysis on the mac?

Michel Bordeleau michelbo at
Sun Aug 7 21:36:18 EST 1994

In article <jbuberel-0508941805370001 at>,
Jason L. Buberel <jbuberel at> wrote:
>Would anyone out there like to reccomend a mac (preferably PowerMac)
>software that will do a Skatchard analysis?  If it will support multiple
>binding sites/receptor subtypes, that would be great.


   We used to use MacLigand by Munson before we swtiched over to the PC
version of the program (and subsequently to Accufit by Lundon).  Ligand is
available free of charge from Munson at NIH.  I do not have the address with
me at home, but I'm sure either someone else will be able to give it to you,
or failing that, let me know and I'll dig it up at work.

  BTW, Ligand is one of the most popular data analysis programs, or so I've
been told.


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