Shaking hands during dissections

Claire Maier bioaw124 at
Mon Aug 8 19:19:13 EST 1994

Ray Davis (raydavis at wrote:
: Artur Kania (ak990140 at SPECIALK.IAIMS.BCM.TMC.EDU) wrote:

: : ... I find that a couple of strong beers before
: : dissecting usually do the trick.  Really .

: One of the symptoms of essential tremor is that a small dose of alcohol
: will reduce the tremor.

: However, most physicians are reluctant to prescribe alcohol.  (: >,)

Enhanced physiologic tremor (which is what the tremor during dissection
probably is, if tremor is not present at other times) also responds to
small amounts of alcohol.  But what doctors do prescribe is propanolol. 
If not contraindicated (for asthma or some other condition), it can be
taken for essential tremor, enhanced physiological tremor, or even
conditions such as stage fright.

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