Skatchard Analysis on the mac?

DSaussy dsaussy at
Wed Aug 10 17:48:01 EST 1994

In article <jbuberel-0508941805370001 at>,
jbuberel at (Jason L. Buberel) writes:
<<Would anyone out there like to reccomend a mac (preferably PowerMac)
software that will do a Skatchard analysis?>>
Somewhere out there is a version of LIGAND for the Mac called MacLigand
which will do multiple site fitting using iterative nonlinear regression
(much better than Scatchard, Rosenthal, etc.). You could also write
equations in Excel to do this, or try the great statistics/data
visualization program JMP (SAS Institute, Cary NC). Another good
alternative (if its still available) is MultiFit from Day Computing in
Cambridge, UK. If you have questions about my experience with any of these
packages, contact me by phone @ 919-990-5061 or e-mail @
saussy~dl at


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