Verbal Apraxia

Tom Allemeier tom.allemeier at
Sat Aug 13 16:57:00 EST 1994

My sister has adopted a little girl who is two years old now and has a 
condition called acquired verbal dyspraxia.  About all I know about the 
condition is that the brain has difficulty telling the mouth how to 
operate.  I believe the child is a "crack baby."  

Please, we are desperate.  This is the sweetest little girl you would 
ever want to meet. Her name is Marissa Danielle Campbell.  We are 
seeking information about the best speech therapy for this condition.  
As you can imagine, because of her age, timing is critical.

I am not certain that this is the best conference on which to post this 
message.  We will greatly appreciate ANY help you can offer, even if it 
is only to direct me to a more appropriate conference. 

Many heartfelt thanks in advance from myself, my sister Connie and 

Please respond to:  tallemei at   or the address 

tom.allemeier at

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