Verbal Apraxia

Kraig Knapp deekraig at
Sun Aug 14 20:29:51 EST 1994

Apraxia, which is the motor system's equivalent of aphasia, is the
inability to execute learned actions despite normal strength,
sensation, coordination, and, more important, comprehension.  This
impairment is thought to result from either faulty integration,
or disconnection (if you will), of motor with sensory and
language centers.  Typically, patients with apraxia can't
perform a particular movement at the request of the examiner,
but they might still be able to do it as an automatic
or unconcious action if they are provided with sufficient
cues, such as might be obtained by using the actual objects or
by seeing the examiner performing the movement.  For some kids,
it is hard to copy figures, or arrange matchsticks.  Since she
is only two years of age, and female, she may have a good
chance of learning if started now.  I don't know who to tell
you to see, because I don't know where you are geographically.
I would get in touch with the Special Education department or
Educational Psychology department at the university.  They
should be able to direct you to the best.  Good luck and
please let me know what happens.

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